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Does anyone know if there is an API that can change that success message on an inline form.  It is hard to believe that a company that promotes itself as being great for businesses would have a static success message (Thanks for Signing Up!).  It is so not consistent with how I want to portray my business.


When I called, the technician said that there is a way to change it, but would need a developer to do so.


Please advise. Thank you.

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Hello @BradL9,


Thank you for reaching out to Constant Contact's API Support.


If you are using the inline, or pop-up, forms provided from within your Constant Contact account then these forms cannot be modified beyond what options are available in your account.


The agent might have been thinking that once you put the form on your website you might be able to edit the HTML directly, but that can potentially cause problems if you later update your form.

Jimmy D.
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