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I'm attempting to important a large list of contacts into a new account/list. But I'd like to get the Contact IDs associated with the new Contacts as part of the response, as is the case using POST when creating Contacts one by one.


Is such a thing possible? Ideally the response would include the list of Contacts successfully added, along with their contact_id.


If it's not possible to do this way, how can achieve this without hitting a rate limit?

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Hello @JulieK7237,


Thank you for reaching out to Constant Contact's API Support.


The contactIDs are not currently included in the results of the BULK import; I'll talk with our engineers to see if that is an option.


Your best way to get those IDs with the fewest amount of calls is to do a GET an include the parameter of either a specific listID (if you created a new list), or use the parameter of updated_after. Either new, or updated, contacts will display with the updated_after parameter which will limit your results and help you see only specific results; assuming you do this GET after you finish your import.



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