Access/Refresh Token

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We have a situation where refresh tokens are getting invalided if a user connects the same Constant Contact account twice in our site. Here's what's happening:


- Our users can create multiple Projects within their account

- Each project can have its own Constant Contact Integration.


- At 1:00 PM, a user adds a Constant Contact Integration in "Project A"

- At 2:00 PM, a user adds another integration in "Project B"

- At 2:30 PM, Project A and Project B api calls work perfectly.

- At 3:01 PM, we refresh Project A's access token using the refresh token of Project A. This will result in an unauthorized error. This is probably because Constant Contact invalidates the tokens/refresh tokens of Project A once we re-authorize if at 2:00PM for "Project B"


What is the best solution to address this?