Contact Form 7 Intergration: Sending signups to a list

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Hi there, 


I've linked Contact Form 7 with Constant contact via API. Now I'm looking to send new sign ups to specific lists. Can't find any documentation on that. Would appreciate some help! 

P.S I see there is a CC plugin for WP. I'd prefer not to use that as I already have forms all over my site... Replacing them would be a major timesuck. 

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Hello @Happiness,


THank you for reaching out to Constant Contact's API Support.


The Contact Form 7 Integration is created by Contact Form 7 themselves and so the support we can provide is extremely limited. If you have already connected the integration to your Constant Contact account that is about as far as I could go. Any other set up would be beyond what our knowledge of the integration entails.


You can check on their website for support information.


You can also look in the upper right of that website for a link to their support forums to post a question or read questions by other users. Perhaps your question has already been answered. I did try to find the specific steps to select a list, but I was not able to find them.

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