Dynamic SENDER for contacts under a campaign

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I was searching for an option where in, I could set SENDER or FROM email address dynamically for every contact under a campaign. I did go through the V3 API and found an option to create multiple campaign activities under a campaign. Would this solve my problem?
Also, from the Constant Contact tool, I was not able to see how a campaign would look like, when it has multiple campaign activities. To be precise, from the tool I wasn't able to create a campaign with multiple campaign activities. Can anyone please help me out with this?

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Hi @user978014,


It sounds like you are referring to the from and reply-to addresses when sending an email campaign. These are not set dynamically; they are set in the header section of the UI, or if you are using the API they have a data pair where you set them. Each individual email campaign can have a different value, but please keep in mind when sending an email campaign every person who receives it will see the same email address that you have set for that one campaign.

Jimmy D.
Tier II API Support Engineer
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So we can't have different FROM and REPLY-TO addresses for contacts under a single campaign. Okay! That answers my question. Thank you.

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