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Error 400 received when making post method call

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Few mins back I was trying to make api post method request thru MVC5 Application


My request body was like such below:

"{\"scheduled_date\" : \"2017-12-01T17:50:31Z\"}"


and I received an error like below:


{StatusCode: 400, ReasonPhrase: 'Bad Request', Version: 1.1, Content: System.Net.Http.StreamContent, Headers:
Connection: keep-alive
Date: Fri, 01 Dec 2017 17:48:18 GMT
Server: Apache
Content-Length: 115
Content-Type: application/json; charset=UTF-8


I could not understand what mistake did I made, would any one suggest me whats going wrong there


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Thank you for reaching out to Constant Contact API Support.

I see you are escaping the "s in your request data and also putting the whole thing in quotes. Are you setting this as a JSON string, and is it including your escape slashes and/or the quotes around the {}s? The contents of your data when received by Constant Contact's API should look like:


{"scheduled_date" : "2017-12-01T17:50:31Z"}


David B.
Tier II API Support Engineer

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I am setting this as json string. Even though still sending me same error.

I would like you to share my code which make a api call to schedule email.
My code looks like below:


DateTime dt = System.DateTime.Now.AddMinutes(10);
string dateISO = dt.ToString("yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ssZ");

Models.schedule_campaign schedule = new Models.schedule_campaign();
schedule.scheduled_date = dateISO;
string requestPath = "emailmarketing/campaigns/"+id+"/schedules" + api;
string jsonContact = Newtonsoft.Json.JsonConvert.SerializeObject(schedule);
var content = new StringContent(jsonContact);
content.Headers.ContentType = new MediaTypeHeaderValue("application/json");
HttpResponseMessage response = HttpClient.PostAsync(requestPath, content).Result;


Where schedule is my model and is defined as:

public class schedule_campaign
public string scheduled_date { get; set; }


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