Multiple Stand-Alone Systems Using 1 Login Credentials

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The presumed issue is this:   

One CC User accesses CC from multiple systems. 

Each system is independent from the others.  IOW, they do not talk to each other.

Each system has its own independent data storage that maintains the AccessToken and RefreshToken for the CC User.

Question:    Does this create a problem since only 1 system will have the currently valid Tokens?   Or am i missing something?    Maybe there already a way of handling this scenario?....perhaps multiple sign-ons are allowed to the same CC Account.  And the Access/Refresh Tokens are assigned per sign-on credentials??

Thank you.


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answer my own question:)     with some testing, I found that there can be multiple valid "AccessToken/RefreshToken" pairings.   So, what i thought would be an issue, is not an issue at all.

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Hi, how did you solve this? How are multiple access/refresh token pairs possible with CC? Right now I am working with CC, and as soon as I issue a new one, the old one becomes invalid

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In my case, I had 2 desktop pc's.   On each PC, my same User had to go through the Authorization process.  In my case, I used the Server flow.  So, this same CC User has now granted Authority on 2 PC's.  The initial Access/Refresh token values on the PCs were not the same.  And in using the token values on either PC, I never encountered any error.     That is how I made my determination.   Though this has not been confirmed by anyone at CC.    If this is not currently the case, then perhaps CC has modified its end of things.

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