Refresh token changing upon use

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Is the refresh token supposed to change upon using? I've combed through some similar questions and haven't found any real answers. I know the reason for changing is that someone would be using the access token instead of the refresh token. But I assure you I am using the refresh token. 


I am looking to have a simple email signup on my site and having to manually go in and update the access token is quite unrealistic. I have it so that every time someone signs up, the refresh token function will be fired and get a new access token. Upon testing, each time that function is fired, the refresh token changes and cannot be used again. Rate limiting is not going to be an issue in this case. Any assistance would be helpful. Thank you.

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Hi @SeanS723,


Yes; when you go through the Refresh flow in Step 5 of oAuth the Access Token and Refresh Token are both generated new. You will want your program to read the new values and plug those in to the appropriate places. It sounds like you are already storing the Refresh Token somewhere; hopefully it should be something you can do to just grab it from the response when you also grab the new Access Token and store them both.

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