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Good morning,


I have been using the API successfully for some time to build my own admin interface hosted on a webserver I am running locally to send my campaigns. It's been very successful and I like the API a lot - clean and easy to use.


I would classify myself as a novice programmer - I am not an expert at all.


I would now like to progress to build a customised piece of php code that will display on my wordpress website. I would like this code to display the lists that the user is already subscribed to and give them the option to unsubscribe to one or all of them as they wish.


I am reasonably confident I can write the code and get it running on my local webserver. But where I am really struggling to work out is how to get the php code to run on wordpress. Obviously there are constant contact api libraries/depdendencies I need to load etc somehow so the code runs on wordpress for me.


Please can you let me know how to do this.

Thank you,


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