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Hello Support Team,


    I had a question about the use of the v2 API and the tracking summary data that is returned from a request to the `v2/emailmarketing/campaigns/` endpoint. We used the A/B testing feature for subject line testing on a few emails. Looking at the tracking summary returned by the API, the tracking summary data for these emails are not present? Why might this be the case? Does this have something to do with the release of V3 of the API?


     Also, is there any plans for including some type of tracking summary into V3 of the API like it is in V2?


    Any information you could pass along would be greatly appreciated.  

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Hello @MJ313,


Thank you for reaching out to Constant Contact's API Support.


Currently neither version of our API has access to A/B emails. It will be adding to the v3 API; however I do not have a release date for this feature yet.


The tracking summary will be released for the v3 API. The release date is also not yet available, but you can keep an eye on our v3 Release Notes for when we add new endpoints and updates.

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