V2 API support ending with Oauth changes?

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I got a notice that all applications must be copied and update to the new Oauth endpoints...ok, but they reference the V3 API Oauth endpoints as being the ones that need to be changed.


My app still uses the old V2 API and the Oauth endpoints that went with it:

https://oauth2.constantcontact.com/oauth2/oauth/siteowner/authorize and



Will these continue to work after the August 23rd shutdown of the 'previous' service?

I just want to make sure I don't have to cram a V3 API update into my customer's summer holiday schedules...

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Hello AnalyticsEdge,


Thank you for reaching out to Constant Contact API Developer Support. My team is here to assist outside software developers with questions about building into Constant Contact's API.


The authorization update you received the notice for is specific to our V3 API. Applications on our V2 API (Mashery) are not affected. I would mention that while our V2 API endpoints are currently functional, they are considered legacy and we do plan to deprecate them in the future.


I have also reached out to you via email with information specific to your account. If you haven't received our reply, please let us know via email at webservices@constantcontact.com, and reference case number 30074413.  


Please have a look and let us know if you have any other questions!



John B.
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My post got banned as SPAM. So putting it here although it might not be 100% related.

We are in charge of 20 customer websites. Each customer has a separate (own) account. Around July 1st - July 6th, all websites stopped working with Constant Contact. By that I mean websites will no longer provide new email addresses which we get on Newsletter Sign up form and send them to the proper Constant Contact list.

When I go on my server to check to log in with the correct credentials I get this message:

Unauthorized - This is an authentication problem. Primary reason is that the API call has either not provided a valid API Key, Account Owner Name and Associated Password or the API call attempted to access a resource (URI) which does not match the same as the Account Owner provided in the login credentials.

I then went to Constant Contact to log in with the same credentials and they work.  Please help!

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