Kelsi Carter, the team’s brand production coordinator, puts our very own Dave Charest, director of small business success at Constant Contact, in the hot seat for a change! Tune in to hear Dave share his unique journey, from his experiences with theater (and a short-lived but not forgotten time as a bass player) to marketing and his passion for helping small businesses succeed. 

#61 - Putting People First with Rich Cruz

How can you amplify your marketing plan? Start by looking at what’s worked in the past. Rich Cruz consults for e-commerce business Luck Shop, the largest and most comprehensive Mojo store in the Midwest. When he first worked with Luck Shop, he was maximizing their SEO through their website. Then, his focus was good customer data. 
#60 - Automating and Working With the Seasons With Mark Chinsky

Marketing is the machine that never stops running, even for a seasonal business. Mark Chinsky, co-owner of Enjou Chocolat in Morristown, New Jersey, experiences drastic seasonal fluctuations that revolve around holidays. During the quieter seasons, Mark focuses on making technology work for him. His prior experience in the direct mail industry showed him the value of marketing — and when to do it. 
#59 - Ask Dave: How do nonprofits benefit from SMS marketing?

Are you part of a nonprofit and want to use SMS but aren’t sure how or even if it would be beneficial for your organization? On this episode, Dave Charest, director of small business success at Constant Contact, and Kelsi Carter, the team’s brand production coordinator, talk you through it.

#58 - Using SMS to Increase Attendance with Nicholas Jackson

Libraries are often the heartbeat of the communities they serve — and Parsippany Public Library in New Jersey is no exception, offering much more than just reading materials. Head of Information Services Nicholas Jackson has been using Constant Contact for several years, both to distribute the library’s newsletter and to text workshop registrants.

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