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Re: Template Feedback - Welcome and Getting Started

Campaign Expert

Thanks for any for any thoughts and suggestions!




This is a great-looking email that feels on point with your brand, and its elements. 


I feel like your template could benefit visually from the use of a border around or even just a background color that gives the illusion of that border. So it doesn't look just like it's floating in a sea of white when it's opened up on a desktop screen that is bigger. Even a lighter grey that's pulled in from behind the logo would look great and add more visual interest. 


I'm wondering whether the image that includes the logo at the top is included in every email. If so, you could benefit from just the logo at the top and some other related imagery pertaining to each email topic. That way, when they see multiple emails from you, especially on a small screen, it doesn't start to look like it will be the same email, and then they start to tune it out. 


You've got some great contrast in all of your buttons and text. 


I would suggest making the image with the "September 30" within it clickable to the same place as your main call to action to get a quote. 


Towards the bottom of your email, under the 3 buttons, if they are less important than your main call to action, I might feature them as just hyperlink text in one row across the template to make them smaller. That way you can visually drive more people to your call to action at the top.


Down below the buttons, you have the GSA Contract holder left aligned. I would suggest balancing that block out by right aligning this text "47QSWA19D001J SMALL BUSINESS."


Great idea adding in the links to your social media profiles and overall a great looking email. Thanks for submitting it!


In that same area, I see an email address, but it appears off center. It looks like there is some text before and after that is formatted to be white. That is what's making it appear off center. I would make the rest of that text  the same color as you have the rest of your body text and probably center the sentence. 

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