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Hi! My name is Cally and I am the designated email designer/sender for the organization I work for. We have a daily and weekly email that people sign up for through our website with our most up to date resources and offerings. Our goal is to have people consistently opening our emails and exploring what we have to offer. Can you take a look at one of our more recent daily emails and provide feedback on the design/layout and offer any tips on improvement? Thank you!!


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Hi, Cally!  Thanks for sharing your email!  I'm loving your brand colors and you have lots to work with! I have a couple of suggestions I can make to you, and they're pretty minor because it's more for desktop viewers (mobile stacks content). 


The first is for your first section where you have the three-column layout. The buttons look like stairs, but with a couple of spacers, you can even them out a bit. I'd place one in between the content and the button in the middle column, and one above the content in the third column. (You pretty much want the top of your text to line up, and the bottom of your buttons to line up, and you have wiggle room everywhere in between.


The second suggestion is where your Headlines, Initiatives, and External Resources content is. I'm thinking that using a layout where the image is to the left and the content and button are on the right for all of them will make it easier to match the image sizes. When they're side-by-side like that, the taller images throw off the smaller images next to them, making it look out of alignment.  When they stack on top of each other, you only have to worry about the images being the same width.

Then the last suggestion is in the bottom where the social icons are. You can decrease the space between icons so that your LinkedIn icon is on the same row.  The spacing controls are in the Social follow toolbar at the top of the editor when you click anywhere on that icon bar.

I hope this helps!  If you make changes, please come back and share them!

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