Small Business Success 2022 Sweepstakes


The sweepstakes is now closed! Thank you so much to everyone who participated and shared your stories! We will be selecting and notifying a winner soon.

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Small Business Success 2022 Sweepstakes


National Small Business Week is back and so is the Small Business Success Sweepstakes: 2022 Edition! Email Templates 


I know running a business is no small feat, which is exactly what we want to hear about – the feats! What has made you feel good about your business in the last year? What moment had you pumping your fist in the air like that guy in that one movie? Whether large or small, we want to hear about them, and to entice you to shout from the metaphorical rooftop called the Constant Contact Community, we’re going to toss in a prize!

How to Enter: Share your success story by posting a reply to this article. We want to hear about your victories, big or small, in the last year that have helped you grow confidence in your business or organization.



Some topic ideas, for example:


  • A marketing campaign or other activities that contributed strong growth to your business
  • A positive customer experience
  • Any progress made toward your nonprofit goals
  • A new or updated physical store location or office expansion


What is the prize? Three lucky winners will receive a $100 credit on their account!


The sweepstakes will run from May 2, 2022 to May 31, 2022. Once completed, we will select three winners at random and notify them!


If you are a winner we will notify you by the contact email address listed on your Constant Contact account, so make sure it is up-to-date! Thank you.


Questions? Let us know below or reach out to us at social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com.



*No Purchase Necessary. The Constant Contact Community Small Business Success 2022 Sweepstakes is open to legal residents of the 50 United States (and D.C), 18 years or older. For Official Rules, visit here. Promotion ends on May 31, 2021 at 11:59 PM ET. The Sweepstakes is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Khoros.

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Hi!! My Name Is Barry Form Shantinique Music And Sportswear, I been using Constant Contact for About A year ,During That time I think I have Had Great Response to my email campaigns when I came to cc I had know knowledge of email marketing or Website development, now am doing little bit of both because how user friendly their system are thank you Constant Contact, while my Website is not generating  Revenue for me right now am patient with it, but my main focus have been the email marketing so that were i spend the bulk of my time. #Focus

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Being a small bistro, inn and boutique winery and not being able to do face to face promotions, constant contact was imperative in keeping in contact with our guests. We appreciate that there are tools like this - makes staying in touch that much easier. 

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We recently put together a survey with CC to engage with our clients and find out which classes they are most interested in attending. Gathering this information will help us keep those clients informed when we add new classes they might like. The survey also serves to inform them of classes we already offer via the survey questions.

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I am new to Constant Contact, but love that it works across multiple platforms.  I am also thrilled to have great tutorial classes and look forward to having a MAJOR success story by this time next year!  I appreciated the community, the tech savvy and the ease of learning for an old dog learning new tricks!

Campaign Collaborator
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Reaching your customers is the #1 priority for any business. ConstantContact is the right tool to do so and I after a hiiatus, I have re-embraced it and use it frequently. It came to my rescue in a pinch when Later changed its terms and cut people off from posting more than a very limited number of images on social media, that is when I discovered that I can do that with CC as well. Over the past year, a lot of things have fallen into place, I got my own solo show, I was interviewed for Youtube, I got selected for presentations and continue to teach. All good stuff, and CC helps me get the word out.

Campaign Contributor
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Hi, new here, like 15 minutes in but right off back Constant Contact has asked me questions and given me ideas that I haven't gotten on my search to success... New to the Industry .. Determination + Constant Contact =100% Success 


Constant Contact has allowed us to solicit feedback from new and existing clients.  Each month our newsletter includes an option to leave a comment via HOUZZ, Google, or our website.  We include all the links - easy schmeasy - and it works!  Our business is built on customer service and customer satisfaction, and as such, most new business comes from client referrals.  Constant Contact allows us each month to choose a new template for an overall fresh appearance of the newsletter.  We simply insert our featured article and then add our standard sections.


In lieu of sending mass email notifications to our trades, we use Constant Contact.  We find that the trades are more likely to read the information in that format and they do not get lost in their IN BOX.

Campaign Collaborator

After a complicated injury during the pandemic, it was time for me to pivot to small business! I shifted my career from contracting with companies for on-site, essential services, to working virtually and directly with clients from my home office.


I was surprised when I heard ConstantContact had a web builder and have been so happy that I made the decision to try it. I like to update my site regularly and have the control to do so. Love all the integrations! I just launched in a few months ago and am about to start promotions to get emails, as I only have about 20 clients so far. After I build my list, I'm excited to start email campaigns and all the capabilities here that I will grow to use. Thank you also for all the support whenever I had a question; whether via phone or chat!

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Constant Comment is definitely helping to make my business grow.  It's the easiest way to run a campaign.

Campaign Collaborator
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We love being able to reach out so easily to our people with a weekly video devotional, a puzzle activity and "ticklers" about upcoming events. This easy-to-use ability to share current information to so many so quickly is welcome. We regularly hear comments about how much our people enjoy reading our emails and we have a fairly consistent 56%-61% open rate. Thank you for being so easy to use.

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i finally stepped out on pure faith and started a business that i actually enjoy doing,  i had to switch my mindset from find a side hustle to make money to find something that i like to do.  And i have found it.  Making these acrylic signs is just for me.  painting signs calms me.

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CC has allowed me to reach a large number of clients and prospective clients effectively and efficiently.  The staff at CC seem to all be experts at what they do and they are quick to respond with very helpful guidance and assistance.  My business has grown and benefited from the use of this tool and I strongly recommend it to other users in my line of work.  

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With constant contact I'm able to reach the masses. Not only does it allow me to reach people on multiple platforms at the same time it has empowered me to stay engaged and in tune. It's kind of like, having an extra person helping you get things done in the background so you can spend more time building and branding. This marketing tool is a must have for all business entrepreneurs and that is why I not only use it, but it is a staple in my offerings to my personal client. 


As a former teacher and mom of 3, I created a book subscription box called The Storytime Box to help children enjoy reading. I also wanted to help parents promote literacy and creativity at home. During the COVID shutdowns, many families lost access to schools and libraries. Without these important literacy resources, kids can lose important reading skills. It was important for me to offer a convenient service that delivers books and educational activities directly to their homes each month.


When I first launched in 2019, Constant Contact was one of the main tools that I used to help me get the word out about The Storytime Box. I didn't have a huge social media following or a big marketing budget at the time, but I was able to use CC's tools (like website pop-ups) to encourage parents to sign up for email offers. My email list has continued to grow ever since and I will be a longtime CC user! Thanks!

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Our new logoOur new logoLadies EarringsLadies EarringsLadies RingsLadies RingsChild's BraceletChild's BraceletHello, I am a small business owner and I was hoping to give you an idea of what we do. We create custom made Tee shirts and some jewelry. We are under financed so I would truly like to enter the sweepstakes to be able to pay for my email marketing. I am very new at eCommerce and I am learning to market so that I can create some sells. I don't have much product creation but I am working my way up. Could maybe someone contact me about the sweepstakes please. 765-624-0724

Brand Visionary

The Big Ten Ten Golf Classic Committee has been using Constant Contact for over 20 years successfully to promote our charity golf event that support Scholarships and Make-A-Wish® Arizona. During the past two years due to Covid-19 the Committee had been dormmate. This year, 2022 we signed a contract with a  great Phoenix area resort style destination  golf course  and signed our agreement with Make-A-Wish® Arizona that we would attempt to try to complete a string of over 25 consecutive events of providing enough funds for a "WISH" in 2022 to be held at the Eagle Mountain Golf Club in Fountain Hills Arizona on Saturday 14, 2022

With the use of the Constant Contact emails, registration platform, WePay by Chase Bank payment transfers, and  PayPal secondary payment transfers this event went which started its first meeting on  February 7, 2022 and had the Golf event on May 14, 2022 collected just over $30K over these platforms, sold out the event in 21 days and the event had a successful ending with enough funds for a 2022 "Wish" of over $11,000+ to  Make-A-Wish® Arizona. We owe a large part of this success to Constant Contact marketing this year and the past years. BTW, these registration funds went seamlessly directly into our operating account within 48 hours or less less the normal transaction fees. 





Campaign Contributor
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Even though Essential Foundation Inc is an established nonprofit with a significant contact list, we were all over the place trying to keep up with our contact lists, email campaigns, and social media marketing. Important deadlines were being missed because tracking everything was a huge job. Constant Contact solved several problems for us and got us back on track. We have seen an increase in connectivity because not only are our email / marketing campaigns better managed, they are brighter and more interesting to the recipients. We are getting fewer bounce backs and unsubscribes thanks to Contact Contact.

Constant Contact Partner
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I was using another email software and it got frustrating with the program not allowing me to look like my new brand design.  I was recommended to switch to constant contact to help grow my business and take it to the next level.  I have a gluten-Free kitchen and we are branching into grocery stores and its important to look the part - to become the part!  I look forward to working with this product! 

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Constant Contact is critical to the success of our business. We use it to communicate with our clients on a monthly basis. Our open rate is 25% and our bounce rate is usually 0%. Constant Contact truly allows us to get in front of our clients. 


Our successful open and bounce rates have translated to incremental sales for our organization as well. We have seen our referral clients increase by 10% and our current clients are spending more on our services.


A big thank you to the Constant Contact team for keeping the site running and for keeping the enhancements relevant and fresh!

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This last year has been more than a challenge for our business - not solely due to COVID, but also as my husband and I have had some challenges while being (each of us) in care of each of our mothers who, sadly both fell ill to cancer. 

My husband/Co-Owner of our small business (our insurance agency) was in FL while in 24/7 care of his mother and step-father who suffered with Alzheimer's Disease; while I was in PA caring for my mother and father (two seniors as well; with my dad too, suffering with dementia.)

Sadly, the cancer which afflicted both of our beautiful mothers, took them both from us within months of each other.  Later, my husband's step-father, too passed. Back on track, we are thrilled to continue on our journey together while incorporating Constant Contact in with our marketing tools in order to continue to grow our agency and keep our current client base updated as well.  We can already see how amazing Constant Contact is!!  Thanks much to the Constant Contact Team!!




I run Ruby Reds Vegan Meal Delivery Service in Washington, DC. I've increased clients via my email advertisement sent to my email list! Each time I interact with customer base via email we see a bump in new and returning clients!  Just sent a newsletter out today and am looking forward to more new and returning clients!


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