feedback on weekly email blast

Campaign Collaborator

Here are two examples of my weekly blasts. What do you think?   thanks,  --S


Hi Susan,


Thanks so much for sharing your email campaign!


Your template is very easy on the eyes and it's calming. Great job! 


I would suggest moving your Maritime Museum logo up above the image. That makes your brand easily recognizable from the moment they open the email. If your organization has a website, I would suggest linking the logo to your website. This FAQ will walk you through the steps.


Both of the cover images are great and very relate to what it is you do. If possible, I would make those cover images clickable to the main thing you want people to do from each email.


You've got some great contrast with your text, but I would double-check the size of the body text font, it looks a bit small. This text should be 14 - 16 point. 


Overall, the email does feel a bit long. Most people in today's world have short attention spans. If possible, you could shorten this up by splitting it into a few emails over the course of the month. You could even give a shorter snippet for each article and then provide a "read more" link. All of this with the caveat that some older folks do enjoy reading. But I imagine you might have a mix of younger folks in there as well. Those people are more likely to appreciate shorter emails. 


I did noticed at least one URL that includes the HTTP:// before the URL (example: ). Including it this way could cause some problems with spam filter, plus it can make your email more visually appealing. You can change this to a hyperlink to say something like "Find out more about True Earth" and then hyperlink it. This FAQ will walk you through the steps.


I see you've got a mention of social media at the bottom. I suggest adding in a social media block with the buttons/logos that people are so familiar with to make them stand out a bit. This FAQ will walk you through the steps. Be sure to insert the direct links to each of your profiles.


It's also a good idea to simply ask them to follow you on those channels. 

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