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Hi Linda,


Thanks for submitting your email. I love the picture at the top with the birds—it's a great visual aid. 


However, since it's the first thing in the email, it makes all of the content of your email be below the fold or where people have to scroll a bit to see what you've written.  If possible, I might move that down a bit and just have your organization's logo at the very top so they get into the content quicker.


From a personal perspective, I might change out the darker green color in the background of the template to maybe a grey color. 


From a readability perspective, centered paragraphs of text can be harder for some people to read, especially when the sentence continues on to the next line. In most cases, I would suggest left-aligning the paragraphs of text. 


You've got URLs listed throughout your text, where it includes the HTTP and www. which can sometimes cause deliverabilty issues. A best practice is to turn those into hyperlinks where you say something like "View more on birds on the Cornell website" and turn that text into a link. This article will walk you through the steps to do that in your account.


This will also clean up your template a bit and make it all easier to read. 


It could also help to break up the larger chunks of text by adding imagery to each block. You could put the image on the left or right and maybe even alternate them to create a "z" pattern.


Does your organization use social media? If so, it can be helpful to add a social media block in the footer information of your email with your location. Ask people to follow you on your social media channels to build those as well. This article will walk you through the steps.

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