To-do in this article:
 Familiarize yourself with what conditions make the best images
 Study design principles that will help make your images pop! (Optional)


If you want to avoid blurry and unattractive images in your email campaigns, you’ll want to make sure the files you’re using cater to the specifications required by Constant Contact (and the Internet, in general).


If you’re new to formatting images, both major operating systems have built-in tools you can use to edit and manipulate images.


When you prepare images for upload you’ll have to consider the size of the image, its resolution, file size, and what type of file it is. For example, most Constant Contact emails are 600px (pixels) wide. If your image is too small and you want to fit the width of the email, it’s going to diminish the quality. If your image is 600px or larger, it can more easily be resized down to fit the space.


When crafting an appealing email, it’s helpful to keep some design principles in mind so you can attract the right attention from your audience. Try to avoid common mistakes when you can.


After your images are ready, it’s time to upload them to Constant Contact! As far as graphics are concerned, you can connect your Constant Contact account with Canva and utilize the images created in Canva right in the email editor!

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