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Why you should upload images to your account


Humans can be visual creatures. We like to look at things. The same goes for the emails we read. You don’t want to overwhelm your audience with too much visual stimulation, but adding some eye-popping graphics or engaging photos from an event will make your email stand out!


Constant Contact has a few different avenues for uploading images and documents to your account Library, such as from social networks or your computer. The process is the same for PDFs. Heck, you can convert the first page of a PDF to an image file while uploading, too!


You can also upload images in the email editor while working!


You just want to make sure your files are formatted correctly so the upload succeeds. In the event your files are too big for Constant Contact, there are other options.


There isn’t unlimited storage in the Library and if you’re running low on space or just want to clean up, you can remove and delete files.

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