To-do in this article:
 Create a Canva account (if you haven't already)
 Connect Canva to your Constant Contact account


To-do in this article: 

  • Create a Canva account (if you haven’t already)
  • Connect Canva to your Constant Contact account


Why you should connect Canva to your Constant Contact account.


Canva is a great program for designing graphics for promotional assets (among other things). Constant Contact and Canva integrate seamlessly so you can drop your Canva-created image files right into your email campaign while you work!


Connect your Canva account and you’ll be able to add images right to your library or even directly into the email campaign you’re working on.


If you decide to discontinue using Canva, you can always disconnect it from your account.


Canva isn't the only way to create and upload images to your account, but it's important to know what conditions make for the best images.

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