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suggestion on Inbox Preview

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Hi CC,

Just thought you could either have an "activate" or "deactivate" button on the Inbox Preview, or at least have that the text below the button disclaim that  is an add on charge.  I'm sure it is a great feature for those who are viewed on multiple platforms, but it is misleading when it's a big button there waiting to be pushed and not necessarily needed.  Thanks!

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Thanks for posting this feedback, I can understand how clarifying the pricing structure would help.


Have you gotten a chance to use Inbox Preview to see your emails in other clients?

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Hi Hanna,

Yes and it confirmed that we look great everywhere! But seriously, we use the same template blast after blast, so that was to be expected. But on that note, I looked at the Preview with one of your support team. I was trying to see what it would look like to viewers who don't get images in their preview window. We always put a header to inspire contacts to open/download, but I can never see what that looks like, since it opens fully in my preview. We couldn't make that work for me, but Support was able to see it in his and confirmed that it did it's job. Once I knew that, unless we change our template, I see no reason to use Inbox Preview.

Be careful just to click on the addon for email previews es it will be added and charged to account! besides its NOT worth it!
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Aloha, I am disappointed with how easy it is to add an add on by accident and how difficult it is to remove it. There is no clear info on how to remove this add on from my account. It is not listed anywhere but on the bill statement where it states $10.00. I am in Hawaii timezone and customer support is closed.

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Hi @CandaceG09. I'm so sorry this happened! I see you were able to contact our Billing team regarding the add-on and they were able to remove it. 

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