Leverage the Events Dashboard Page to Explore Powerful Engagement Tools

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The event dashboard offers various options and features depending on the status of your event. Familiarizing yourself with its navigation can facilitate a smooth and efficient setup and management of your event.




Draft status: In draft status, add event details, tickets, items for sale, and promo codes. Customize the registration form and set up payment methods. Click "Edit" to make changes or add more info. When ready, hit "Activate" to start accepting registrations!


Active status: Once your event is activated, the dashboard will provide all the necessary information for promotion and tracking ticket purchases. You can view and edit event details, manually register guests, and access the URL for sharing. To pause new registrations, simply toggle off the switch.


Ended status: After your event ends, it will be marked as "Ended" in the status. But don't worry, you still have some cool tools in the "Event Tools" section of the dashboard. Send a "thank you for attending" email to all registered guests to show your appreciation and maintain the connection!


Event overview


After you start promoting your event, you’ll see the different metrics under Event overview update to reflect how many days until the event is left, total revenue generated, number of orders received, and number of tickets sold.


Event tools


We've got some awesome tools that you can use to take your event management to the next level. These tools let you create a more personalized experience for your registrants and offer different ways to keep them engaged.


Edit confirmation messages: You can customize the messages that registrants see when signing up for your event and when receiving a confirmation email.

Create emails: You have the option to create and send an email inviting your contacts to register for your event.

Create landing pages: You can share your event details and host a registration link on a custom landing page.

Share event calendar: Share your event calendar with contacts to keep them informed and engaged.






The reporting tab provides several activity reports where you can view and manage all orders for the event, keep track of ticket inventory and sales, manage item inventory, and view promo codes and code redemptions.





The Exports tab provides the ability to export a full or custom registrant report, which includes information about attendees, payments, and more.





The Events dashboard in Constant Contact offers a range of options and features to support the setup and management of your event. By familiarizing yourself with its navigation, you can efficiently add event details, customize registration forms, set up payment methods, and activate your event.


Have you used the Events tool? If so, are there certain event tools you leverage more than others? Let us know in the comments!

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