Review the Benefits of Event Marketing and How to Add it to Your Account

Hosting events, whether in-person or virtual, presents a golden opportunity to connect with your audience, expand your email list, enhance brand awareness, and promote your products and services. While organizing an event may seem daunting, it doesn't have to be overwhelming.


What is Event Marketing?


EventsMktg-Hero-desktop.pngEvent marketing is a versatile strategy where businesses promote their products, services, or brand through hosting or participating in in-person or virtual events. It encompasses a wide range of event styles, from product launches to classes and demos, and can be tailored to suit your business objectives.


What are the benefits of incorporating Events into my marketing plan?


Incorporating Events into your marketing plan offers several benefits.


Firstly, it allows you to grow your email list by capturing the contact information of interested individuals who have given permission to receive your communications. 


Additionally, events provide opportunities to generate sales, raise funds for causes, foster one-on-one customer relationships, and build brand awareness.


By combining event marketing with your other marketing strategies, you can enhance engagement and create a more comprehensive and impactful marketing approach.




Don’t just take it from us. The Rochester International Jazz Festival uses Constant Contact’s Events tool to market their event throughout the year. 


“We’re marketing the jazz festival all year round; it’s a full-time job even when it’s not June,” said Amanda Antinore, CGI Rochester International Jazz Festival’s communications director. “We have our major lineup announcement every year in March, and we have to synchronize all of our communication so that it gets to the right people at the right time. We’ve never had one single issue with using Constant Contact to make sure that it gets in the inbox of our customers and the media before it actually needs to. So that is just such peace of mind that you can’t replace.”


What are the features of Event Marketing through Constant Contact?


  • Collect registrations or sell paid tickets & add-ons to contacts.
  • Grow your list with prospects who want to attend your events using our built-in JMML opt-in.
  • Customize your registration form to collect the information you need from event registrants.
  • Accept payments with Stripe & PayPal which offer flexible checkout options (Debit/Credit card, PayPal direct, Venmo, PayLater, 1-Link checkout).
  • Invite your contacts to your event with our cross-platform email editor, get a landing page with every created event, keep event registrants in the loop with targeted emails, and follow up with non-responders all from your event dashboard.
  • Access to quick and custom reports for managing your events on the go.


What do I need to do to add Event Marketing to my account?


Regardless of which plan you’re on (Premium, Standard, and Lite) you have access to the Events tool! When you’re logged in to your account, you can simply click on the blue “Create” button and choose “Events” from the pop-up menu to begin.


If you’re excited about the prospect of hosting an event, but aren’t sure what type of event you should host or what is relevant to your industry, check out Event Ideas and Best Practices to get inspired!

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