Ability to Drag Locally Stored Image into Editor

Bring back the ability to drag and drop images within a campaign. The system now requires us to go through the upload process which is ridiculous - I'm not sure why the UX would go from easy to use "drag and drop" to a process with 6+ clicks. 


Hello @BreanneA6 ,


This is currently available in campaigns that have the image sidebar - such as emails and landing pages.


images sidebar.png


If you need guidance on adding images to your campaign, our Knowledge Base (also available via the Help tab in your account) has articles devoted to inserting images in different campaign types, or on overall formatting and design for campaign types. 


Hi William, 

The feature I am referring to used to allow the user to drag an image directly into the campaign, zero extra steps - literally drag from your desktop directly into the image placeholder within the campaign. In the image you've shown the user still has to:

1) click the image tab in the sidebar

2) click image

3) drag and drop 

4) click upload file

5) click done

6) drag and drop into the campaign


Hello @BreanneA6 ,


If you try to drag over an image from your browser and just drop into an image placeholder block, it will typically result in the browser just displaying a new tab with the image in it, as part of its default functionality. The only places where dragging and dropping for upload are sections of webpages dedicated to that function - such as the Upload portion of the Library and Editors. 


In the meantime, you can import multiple files at once ahead of time, using the image sidebar, or the image placeholder's replacement window, or directly through the Library. That way you can use the sidebar to immediately drag over all those files you imported into your Library. 

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