Ability to edit HTML in email campaign

Arghh not dig'n it. How can I view a new account in the old editor? The new editor is like the new social social sharing tool... a wicked drag.

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The first, is I do NOT have the ability to see the HTML coding of the email. This became an issue when I was talking to support and tried to get an email that I created in the Beta system moved to another account. He said you have NO ability to copy an email template from one account to another using the new editor. 2nd issue, not being able to move the email over.
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Thanks for the feedback, we appreciate it. We're planning out the implementation needed to move an email from one account to another (with our beta editor). You're correct, that functionality doesn't exist yet. The beta editor also doesn't have an HTML / code view yet. We're considering different approaches to accomplish goals and address problems that people may have with the code or structure of the document.
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One step forward; two steps back…
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You are indeed correct -- there currently isn't a way to edit HTML in the beta editor. We appreciate your feedback and we'll take it into account as we work to improve the experience.
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I want the option to make my own template style. With my own css and html.
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I would love to be able to tighten the design a bit. I shrank my logo down, but now there's too much white space. I wish I had control over the height of the boxes, too, or they automatically tightened up as the image got smaller. There doesn't appear to be an HTML option that would let me go in and tweak that.
Campaign Contributor
Will there be more customization over the dimensions of the banner images in the future? White space seems to be out of control between Blocks with no way to fine tune anything. None of my clients' images are the same sizes as any of the drag and drop placeholder ones in the "Blocks". Will we be able to set custom heights, or apply / override CSS? Will there be a way to inject our own custom HTML anywhere? Thank you! Joel Newmediasoup, LLC

Hi - I hope you add a way to edit html/styles  for the new beta editor.  Was helpful to be able to see the styles and edit them.

Marketing Legend
There are so many bugs with the mobile template builder that I'm about to give up in frustration. A few of the problems: - the default text size appears to be 13px, but you can't choose 13px through the drop-down menu - no ability to access the html source - no ability to customize the text-only version of the email - no ability to change the size of an image placeholder - font sometimes changes to white when changing weight or text-size - Underlines for links appear to appear or not at random These are just a few of the issues I've found.
Status changed to: New
Thanks for the specific feedback! We're actively working to improve the quality of the beta editor. I'll update this post as we improve the areas that you mentioned.
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