Ability to send a single campaign from multiple from addresses

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Hey! As a marketing manager for a large company, I'd love to see a feature where each list has a designated "sender", so that for example I can send one email to five different lists "from" five different people. This is an easy fix that some of your competitors have already made.

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Hi @KristinaS123 what are some cases where you would need multiple email address set as your from address on a single email campaign?


I am the Director of Marketing for a financial firm with 21 financial advisors. Instead of copying the same email 21 times, I'd love to be able to send one email and each client would get that email "from" their financial advisor, not our company as a whole. We find we have better open and click rates when emails are "from" a specific advisor. 

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Hi @KristinaS123 thanks for following up with this example! We have opened your idea up so other users can weigh in as well.


I would like to see the ability to have 2 emails receive the reply messages. We send out a daily blog written by the same person and many people reply with comments to the writer of the blog.  But I, as administrator of the account, want to make sure any replies that have to do with other issues, come to me.

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I have a non-profit client that sends out emails from the board--they want to have three or four addresses in the "from" and "reply-to" lines. This seems like a basic feature and is problematic for my client, which makes me, the marketing professional who chose Constant Contact, look bad. 

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