Add Search Option to Campaigns

It would be extremely helpful if I could type a couple words to search for in past campaigns. Then I could easily locate the different emails we have used to market past events we are repeating. Thanks!

It would be an incredibly useful update to get a search bar on this campaign page.

Hey folks,

You all might know this already, however I just stumbled across it. If you go to the reporting tab, underneath the graph image, above the list of campaigns, there is a search bar to search for campaign emails. (Why, they can't duplicate this and put it on the campaigns page, I don't know).

Once you find the campaign you are looking for, can click on the title, and then at the top of the page, is the option to copy the email.

Hope this helps .. at least until CC puts a search bar on the campaigns page.


Campaign Contributor
It is beyond absurd that CC does not have a search feature to be able to easily find old campaigns similar to how they DO have one to search contacts. We are a club with the same events every year, if we want to reference an old event to make a new campaign for the current year's event, you have to blindly search through HUNDREDS of old campaigns to locate an old campaign. I just don't understand how CC will not implement such a no-brainer feature for their customers!
Campaign Contributor

This is such a no-brainer feature to add, it has been years of customers "constantly contacting" them about it and NOTHING. By far the most frustrating thing about their product and I am getting quite sick of searching through hundreds of old campaigns to reference past events. Time to start looking into other email marketing platforms!


Thanks so much VickiK19!!  It definitely helps!  Still doesn't allow for a search for words and terms WITHIN the actual emails, but this is definitely helpful!  Thank you!!


It astounds me that Constant Contact has not added a search function for campaigns. I don't know of any other provider that does not offer this function. It's a major bummer.


Really worthless without the search option. Amazing how anyone could leave that out!

Brand Strategist

How has this not been implemented yet? It's literally been years since it was suggested. It's one of the most fundamental features of email campaign software. I mean, it's baffling that it wasn't thought of by the developers, but to have it suggested and upvoted for years with no action? Wow...

Campaign Contributor
I know that my post today to the community, will be like preaching to the choir. Yet, it appears to be the only venue CC has made available to its customers. Many of us have requested a SEARCH function within the Campaigns tab. This request has been on the books for several years now, and, after lack of response, has now morphed from a request into a complaint. Why would a company, that claims to be user-focused, not react, not respond, not care about the feedback from its very lifeblood? A SEARCH function within the Campaigns tab is a very BASIC, ELEMENTARY function that, frankly, should have been there from the very start. CC: please get it done! A continued disregard for the very people who support you every day, will be interpreted as an invite to SEARCH elsewhere in the near future.

Unable to search for (older) campaigns via name ... Hey Constant Contact, wake up, it is the year 2018 not 1998. Ridiculous! 

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