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I just wanted to share that the Recent Emails Page is much more annoying than an assist.. when it goes there by default instead of to ALL Emails.. We typically have several email campaigns being prepared in advance and I ALWAYS have go to the View All Emails.. is there any way to make this the default? or do away with that screen altogether? 


Appreciate You Listening!

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  • Recent Campaigns
  • View all campaigns
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Hi @BoardofTrade


Thanks for following up with these details! We have tracked this feature request and opened up your idea so other users can weigh in as well.

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Is there a way to make the calendar view the default? I use it 95% of the time and only occasionally need the List View. It would be great if every campaign I created I could see easily where it fell within my marketing schedule without having to click and wait to load after EVERY action.

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Please also let the back button take us back to the page we came from, not some page you think we might like (a whole list of hundreds campaigns, for instance, instead of the folder of specific campaigns I had been in).  Please have your site designer watch people work and figure out how to make that easier, not five times more time-consuming.   And why can't users decide how long before auto-log out?   Working remotely means many people have no one else looking over their shoulders!  


Thank you.


Hi @JessicaL585


Thanks for sharing your feedback on this idea as well! As for adjusting the timing before being auto-logged out this is a feature request we are currently tracking. In fact we recommend sharing your need for it directly on that request thread.

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I'm tired of seeing your advertisement on my home page. Why don't you give me the option to stop seeing it? Why don't I have the ability to customize my home page view so I see what I want to see, not what you want me to see? This is basic User Experience. It seems like you don't care about UE at all. 

Status changed to: Not Currently Planned

Thank you for the idea. At this time, the request to choose a screen to appear after logging in is not on our roadmap.

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