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My customer service rep was extremely rude and inappropriate and hung up on me as I asked questions. I repeatedly requested just some answers to my questions, but he continued to just advise me that if I bought the most expensive platform, that I already suggested I preferred not too, they would answer my questions. He cut me off when I was talking just prior to hanging up the phone on me, and I am not sure that this is the platform that would provide me the best service needs. In addition, we have a network with over 38 schools and I will get feedback from them with respect to what other platforms they are using, since this may not be the one for me.
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Hello @JoeB417. I sincerely apologize for the interaction that you had with one of our sales agents. This is absolutely not how we want our customers to be treated and I have let the proper teams know what happened during your call. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about Constant Contact here in the Community. Please let us know if there is anything we can do.


I'm actually not comfortable speaking with him anymore. I'm a teacher of modest income working to launch a school for low to moderate income families, and his first words on the phone to me were how he is gearing up for a big ski trip - we all are not so lucky. I just felt very inadequate and less than speaking with him and would like to be assigned a more patient representative if at all possible. 

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