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I attempted to call and speak with a rep regarding our account and had to go through 2 minutes of questions on the phone before being transferred to a rep regarding reactivating our account since I had questions only to be put on hold "due to large volume of calls." I'm sorry - but that is not customer service. I hung up. It isn't worth that much to me.
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Hi @Sburnett. I'm sorry that you had a wait time to speak with our Billing team yesterday. They are available to speak with you, should you decide to reactivate your account.  

I hired the Personal Marketer Service to help design and implement emails for the holidays.

I paid $300/mo for 4 unique designs, along with many other services: strategy, unsubscribe management, bounce, etc.

I provided content, images, ideas, layouts, etc.

There were days of no communication (8) and when the 1st email draft was submitted it was not in any condition to send to clients. They had selected random images from my website into a stock template, the color scheme and design did not coordinate with my website at all. I have a luxury jewelry firm and they used a tacky background and color scheme, who is going to buy a luxury product if it's displayed like that. They made no attempt to fix it, did not work on any additional items. 

When I called to find out what to do about this I was offered a discount on 1 month of horrible work but owed $300 for the 1 terrible product they completed for me pointing to the fine print in the contract I signed.

I would suggest going to a local college or another email marketing company for design and implementation. Constant contact might only be useful at sending emails and that might be suspect as I'm noticing many emails from active clients are not reaching them. I think email marketing is dead. Text is next but they'll figure out a way to block those. Just stick to paid ads with Google / Facebook / Instagram and the old school networking. 

You took my money and didn't even feel bad about it.

Shame on you!


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