Default view for new Partner Console Accounts tab

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make the default view for the Accounts tab in the Partner Console "sticky." That means I can select "Managed accounts" for our Partner Console JUST ONCE and it will remain the default view. I do NOT want to scroll past the many unmanaged or cancelled accounts every time I click on the Accounts tab. Thank you.

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A few options that could either be set to display by default or allow the user to set and forget their preferred account display preferences permanently:


- Option to show only Active accounts in the list by default (or allow the user to select to display this once and the console always does so going forward)

- Current page default shows 10 accounts, change this to 100 by default or allow the user to set this amount permanently. What used to take 1 click to access an account later in the alphabet now takes multiple clicks and scrolling.

- Every time I access one of my child accounts and then go back to my main "partner account", the display preferences I selected are reverted back to a default, forcing me to reselect my preferred display. This burns a lot of my time.

- Allow me to make the "Accounts" header the default destination when I access the Partner Console instead of the "Home" tab, this saves the user a click.

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PLEASE make the new Partner Console more efficient for users. Your new design now means I have to select "Managed" accounts from the dropdown every time I log in, in order to not see all of the old and canceled accounts in my list. I also have to select the number of accounts to display every time, instead of just showing all of them. It's annoying. If I make those selections ONCE, they should stick as the default when I log in again. You finally did that with the old dashboard after years of asking for it. I hope it won't take as long this time.
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I would love the default view to be my managed clients with the view being 40 at once. When I am working in a client account and then hit "go back to main" button, it takes me all the way back to where I have to click on the managed account box and then set the max view to 40 to get to my managed accounts beyond 40. It's a lot of clicking in and out/back and forth and seems very inefficient. Would be even better to have the view be more than 40 . . . whatever a persons managed number is on one screen so all I have to do is scroll. Or have everything open in a new window, like the old portal did. Thank you.

Hi everyone,


Thank you for sharing this feedback with us! We have passed on your request of wanting to set a default view in your partner account to the appropriate teams on your behalf. We have also opened up this idea so other users can weigh in as well.

Status changed to: Voting Open
Status changed to: Not Currently Planned

Currently, there aren't any plans to allow for default views within the Partner console. The Status dropdown can be selected to easily view managed accounts.




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