Delete contact from within the contact profile

It would be nice to be able to delete or remove the contact while on the screen that reflects the contacts details.

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It would be truly helpful to have a warning message pop up when choosing to delete an email. In recently updating a contact, I thought I would delete the old email address then add a new one. Unfortunately, it was not self-evident to me that deleting the email would remove all the lists this person was on. I anticipated simply deleting one email, then adding another one. If not a warning pop-up window, perhaps a simple well-placed line that recommends to edit or first add the email address or the lists will be lost.
I want to delete contacts from my list that have not been opening any emails, but I don't see any easy way to do this. Can you help?

Hi Jonathan,


Thank you for reaching out to us! I wanted to provide you with some information on the did not open report before you decide to delete those contacts.


We do provide the "Did not open report" which gives you a really good idea of who hasn't opened your email, however it is not exact. We can't track every time someone opens an email, if they don't download the images in the email or click on a link in the email we won't track that they actually read the email so they wills how on the did not open report.


I would suggest using that report in a different way to target those contacts instead of just deleting them. Below I have provided some FAQs that I think you will find beneficial.


Contacts who didn't open your email - check out "Putting that info to work"


How open are determined


If you decide you want to delete those contacts I would suggest creating a list of the contacts who haven't opened your email and then deleting that list. Follow the steps below to do that.


Click on the Email tab, choose Reports and choose the number of people who opened your email. Once on this page click on Did Not Open on the left hand side. Select all of the contacts, choose Add to Email List, create a new list and add the contacts to that new list.


Once on the list go to the Contacts tab, click on the new list you created and choose to delete the list and the contacts.


If you have any other questions please feel free to reach back out to us. You can even reach us by phone at 800-240-2302.


Have a great day!

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When I look at all the details of an individual's record, I want to be able to delete that whole record from right there.
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If I could delete contacts from the Contact Name page, my life would be easier. It is so cumbersome to have to go back to the bounce page, wait for it to load, then delete it. Thanks.
I searched for a contact name and found it. I wanted to delete the name, but there was no button on the page I could use for this purpose--not a user-friendly situation.
WHY isn't there a DELETE button when you open the contact to get rid of them. WHY when you search on DELETE CONTACT or CONTACT DELETE do I get info on "6 Reasons Your Emails Have Bounced" WHY when you hover over the WHITE BOX at the top of the contacts doesn't it tell you what it does ...... and finally WHY when you click in the white box and want to delete a contact do you have to drop down another menu which contains DELETE when there was plenty of room on the bar to just add instead of me having to search for it
I'd like to be able to delete contacts from within the contact, instead of looking at the contact's information and verifying that this contact should be deleted, then going back to the list and removing it there.
I'd love to be able to delete a contact from that contact's page. When I'm cleaning out bounces, I click on each bounced contact to check their "Engagement" listing. If they've bounced multiple times, then I delete them. But there's no way to delete a contact directly from that "Engagement" column, or their contact page, at least not that I can see. Am I missing an easy way to do this?
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