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Deleting or editing image in library brings user back to top of page/page 1

It's frustrating when I try to organize things in my library and I've scrolled down pretty far into it, made one change, and it takes me back to the top again. I wish there was an easier way to work into the library! Thanks for considering!

Status changed to: Not Currently Planned

At this time, we do not have plans to make updates to our Library tool due to priorities in other areas of the product. If we hear of any changes in the future, we will update this post.

Marketing Legend

Managing the library is necessary, but currently is probably the most frustrating and mundane task in Constant Contact.  There should be an easier way to sort or search for older images and documents than opening page after page, only to select one and end back at the most recent!  Is it possible to add page numbers?  Sort by date or year?  Sort by file type?  Sort by file size would help clean out old data! 

Thank you.


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