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Had an extremely frustrating experience trying to work with an automated series. Our shopify store integrates with an app called Privy which captures emails and serves Abandon Cart emails. When someone signs up to get access to our VIP section they sign up, their email goes through Privy then is added to a list in Constant Contact. When a person is added to the list it sends then a Welcome email 1) The problem is once you set up an automated campaign if you find out a link isn't working, you don't have the option to pause the campaign and go in and edit the email and then reactivate. You have to close the campaign and start all over. This is a real hassle and causes confusion in the dashboard. We have 6 or 7 emails now that had been either deleted or cancelled just for us to get 1 campaign to work. Additionally once you cancel a campaign and start over from scratch you have disrupted all of the links you have already established. In our case we have emails being captured by an app called Privy. It only allows people to sign up 1 time to receive the 10% discount. Each time we needed to retest the automated emails we had to go in and delete the testing email addresses. In the end the automation stopped working and we couldn't figure out if it was a problem in CC or Privy, because CC's automated campaign could not be edited and each time we found a link not working or needed to edit the email we had to start over from scratch. I recommend you either create the option to pause a campaign so you can edit it or create a test mode.
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Thanks for all the feedback on this. As Candace mentioned above, we've made improvements that will allow for the editing of an active step to allow you to make changes on the fly. This article goes over the steps if you'd like to see how it works.

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you can't edit a pre-published autoresponder series now? why? used to be able to. 

and you can't duplicate earlier emails like used to be able to.


you've made the autoresponder series worse. fix it please!

All I needed to dp was replace a link inside one of my emails with a new CC survey. The old format was very flexible in that respect. VERY UNHAPPY with the new format.

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Hello @SueR166,

Thank you for reaching out to us with the feedback on our Automation Campaigns. I'm sorry to hear that your experience while using this tool has been frustrating. Are there any other edits you tend to make other than fixing links in the email?

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For the most part I send at least 6 test emails to make sure things are working before I activate a campaign, the problem is that you can't test data being captured by forms until you activate the campaign and because we are integrating with a third party app, there are lot's of things to test and for some reason, when we copied a previous campaign (that we had already tested the links) it didn't come in with the links active. We assumed that once we tested something in a previous campaign that we didn't need to test the links again. 


agree I send a welcome email of workouts that change each month and it would be awesome to change out the links. 

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Guys, why can't we edit automated series anymore!  This is absolutely impossible!   I need to edit  an automated series as I could do previously,  I need to be able to add further emails and change the existing order of emails within an automated series as I could do previously, AND I need to be able to copy emails from old automated series - as I could do previously.  I am seriously considering moving to another provider,  This is terrible!!  Change back to the old way please!!!!!!!

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MonicaF760 - I have the exact same thoughts. I think Constant Contact is working to fix it.

When creating an automated email series, there is no direction what so ever that tells you that you are unable to edit a threat after it is created. Update this software and allow users to continuously add emails to an existing campaign instead of having to recreate automated campaigns.
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I used CC about 10 years ago for a nonprofit organization, and I remember that happening then. I just rejoined today.

Wonder if it can be changed, it's time!

Fingers crossed, 


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