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Email Support

Dear ConstantContact, 


You seem to no longer publish an actual email address for which your paying subscribers can contact you directly; now there is this "idea" forum and "community". Along with your tedious new automatic robotic, automated telephone system, now we are required to submit "ideas" instead of just sending you a private direct email. Why does CC continue to create more distance between your team and your subscribers?


I am writing with a complaint that I have voiced many times and seldom have received a reply:


Please stop subjecting paying subscribers to unwanted and, in my opinion, unnecessary, pop-ups and teasers and other extraneous message content. We should have an option to opt out, as paying subscribers. Yet your company stubbornly refuses to offer this and, indeed, even to acknowledge the very existence of this ever-growing barrage of uwanted "messages". 



Top Answer

As part of our updated feedback statuses, we are updating this idea as Acknowledged. While we recognize the desire for alternate forms of support, past offerings of email support created long turnaround times and frustration over issues that could not be resolved over email, and customers would need to call our Support department. There is also the issue of account security to ensure we are talking to a verified account user. This is not something we can do over email.


At this time, we do not have plans to include email support. Should we hear any updates in the future, we will post them here.


For account assistance, please call or chat with our Support team.


So I usually wait about 20 min on line to speak with someone, even with an account with your company and there is no live chat.  At least give an email that is monitored so we can discuss having you folks do a footer for our emails.  Had spoken with Mike before.  Or call me back when you are in on Monday, I guess, although your hours are not given anywhere.  

Campaign Collaborator
You Are An Email Company and You don't have an email for support. That is messed up

How about starting with an email channel since your support is not open on the weekends and evenings.  How about a proper onboarding as your sales team promises in the sales cycle such as  a contact?




I've been searching way too long to find a support email and still cannot find it. You should make it easier for customers to get support when your chat is closed, call centers are closed, etc.


Personal constant contact e-mail for support who is solving an issue. It's time consuming talking to different support with the same issue. 


Here I am on a Sunday morning - got up early to finish and send out my monthly publication and you're off line - no one to contact or way to get help.  Thanks a lot!  I bet there are a lot of us in the same boat at the end of the month and with a deadline looming.  


I don't think you appreciate how slow Chat support can be. I am perfectly comfortable constructing an email and waiting for an answer. Bear in mind that many of the organizations using your service are non-profits and are manned by volunteers. It is Sunday evening. I have time now. I know full well that a chat session will tie me up for an hour or more. As I volunteer I don't know when I will next have an hour to devote to this.


Email support is much better, you can always call in or chat if that does not work.


I would welcome an option to contact you by e-mail. Your chat is closed and there is no way I can ask an urgent question. It is very unusual that you don't offer an e-mail contact option.


It would be nice to have an email to send and get a response at a later date. Or make it easier for people to cancel your ad-on services without wasting our time by having to talk to you. Its not like you will change my mind, just let me get it done so i can move on.

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