[Events 2.0] Select different field options for different ticket types

Events 2.0 Registration form setup > Beta Specific Ticket Types lack full customization and need additional work.


Scenario: You have three tickets and need different Registration form fields for each ticket. The Show and Hide option does not work to select the desired fields for each of the three tickets. Legacy Events properly handled this customization. 


Also, we need to be able to add fields to the Contact Information section, not just First name, Last name, and Email address. 

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They should be!  And another suggestion - make it possible to have different fields below different ticket types.  IE, my event is a golf event.  For single registration, I need first and last name.  But for a foursome, I need all four names.  But it will only allow me to have 1 first and last name field under full foursome ticket.


the fields cannot be customized adequately for multiple players to be registered for our event. spent over an hour on the phone with support yesteday. they see that there's a problem but no idea given as to when they might fix this. And our event registration link is now live. SO SO SO FRUSTRATING


It would be nice to have the opportunity to set up specific registration forms for profiles.  Example profiles would be Speaker, Sponsor, Exhibitor. Participant, Guest.  This way those individuals would only see customized registration form when they registered. 


We are trying to use the new Events system for creating campaigns.  We are experiencing several issues with the new version.  To start with, it appears that you can only create one form that will contain all the custom fields from both the Primary Contact and Each Attendee categories.  There does not appear that you can create different type of attendee registration forms - its all or nothing.  Do I have this correct? Why cant we have different types of attendees that might register for a specific event? 

I am new to Constant Contact, but I am guessing that there isn't a way to add fields to the primary contact only, and then a different set of fields for attendees? We have graduates able to bring up to 7 guests... we need information on the graduate (their major, etc), but for the guests, we only want first and last name and email. This isn't possible, is it? :frown:


To OSU engineering


You are correct. It is currently not possible.  This is one of the BIG problems with this new system.  In addition, the Primary Contact information is repeated on each form.  Why can't it be defaulted to the contact information from the event basics screen?   There is some key functionality that is missing from this new version.  Very less that desirable analysis went into this product version.


I assume this issue remains unresolved? It's a pretty frustrating one. For my event I have Adult Tickets and Kid Tickets. For Adults I need their name and email address. For kids I need their name and age. This seems like pretty basic functionality that is missing. 

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