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Include Instagram as option for social media block

In certain templates, there is a social share button and it doesnt include the ability to add Instagram - why not?

While I see that it's possible to link our Instagram account in an Email, is it not possible to post to our Instagram as part of a social campaign? Seems like a poor oversight. If it is possible and I'm missing something, please let me know.

Our content is primarily videos and images. This is a must feature!!


Rather than an image of the whole email, it would be better if it pulled the "primary" image or video (prioritizing videos) from the email and include comments from the email copy. If you don't want to "figure out" what is the primary content, allow us to flag it in the email template!

Campaign Contributor
Please add Instagram to Social Share

I cannot find any current info on whether or not I can share campaigns to Instagram. There is no icon to share other than facebook, twitter and linked in. I read from a 2017 post that you were going to be adding the option. Any way to do this yet? Thanks.

Campaign Collaborator

Yes I would like Instagram added too:)

Status changed to: New

Hello @TimL846 and @GeoCatch,


At this time there is still no Instagram option for Social Share and I do not have a solid time frame on if that will be implemented. I've gone ahead and passed along your feedback for voting, however.

I would like to be able to schedule posts to Pinterest and Instagram for all my clients, as applicable. Can you please advise when this will be able to happen?
Campaign Contributor
any plans on including instagram in social posts I see FB, twitter and one other but instagram is big. please consider adding this site too. thank you
There should be a link for "Instagram" for social profile
The purpose of constan contact and social share is to be able to manage all your accounts in one place. However, without instagram in the platform this is not possible.
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