Include the subject line of the email in reporting

The reporting feature is really great and includes a lot of good information about the last 50 campaigns. But we are trying to work on improving our open rate with better subject lines but right now, I have to export the csv file from reporting then manually enter the subject line for each of the campaigns listed. Would be great if that was automatically included. Seems like other people would want it as well, because as we all know a good subject line is key to getting a good open rate. 


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I completely agree! We need to be able to see what subject lines are getting higher open rates!  

could this page include the subject line of the email in the dashboard overview instead of the internal title of the email? It would be more helpful when evaluating top line open rates.
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This piece of data is still needed! Completely agree with Anonymous above: "All this business about "create an engaging subject line" and "A/B subject line testing" - and yet the subject line is not available as a download..."

The export of campaign performance should include the subject line as one of the columns. We (and every other company who pays attention to open rates) use our subject lines to measure what works/what doesn't. Right now I have to manually add the subject line to our campaign reports for analysis. Would be great if it was automatically included on the export.


We need this!!!!


Is there any update on this? Still no action taken. We should be able to evaluate Subject Line performance of past campaigns.

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Also, the automated emails sent by the Constant Contact bot, the ones that tell you how your campaign is doing so far, for instance, use the subject line when they refer to the campaign. But when we look at our list of campaigns we see our abbreviated description which is not always the same. So obviously there is a way your system can pull the subject line, why not include it in our reporting? It's a no-brainer, as far as I'm concerned.

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So this thread dates back to November 2016 and nothing has happened yet. Is it on anyone's list to consider? Both the subject line and preheader are in separate fields in your underlying database, so why can't they be included in the reports dashboard? There's even an extra line where one of them could be put, without occupying more space, since the open number and percent are shown on 2 lines in the right hand columns.



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Still wondering whether there is any active consideration about including the subject line and preheader in the reports dashboard. No one is even weighing in with the stock answer "our team is looking into this"

Status changed to: Not Currently Planned

We apologize for not updating this thread earlier. At this time, there are no plans to include the subject line when exporting reporting for a campaign. Should we hear any updates, we'll share them here.

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