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Keep links for future email campaigns

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I also have another issue, when I create a new email campaign, I have to manually put in all of our social media links, as well as our links for: Our company, faqs, privacy policy & contact us.

Isn't there a way for the system to save these links as a template,  so I don't have to do it manually each time we send a email campaign out?


My other issue is:

Under the Social Tab, they Recently moved the "Schedule Later button" to the bottom of the page, instead of it being the 1st thing you see - at the top of the page (which was very helpful). This isn't convenient now at the bottom of the page, just incase it's missed and the pst goes out asap instead of being scheduled.


Plus, this Schedule Later button button- it's not working on my laptop at all, I can't schedule later, when I go to slide this button to prompt the calendar to come up, it just cancels my entire post. UGH! 

I hope they fix this glitch soon. Thank you for listening.


Status changed to: Clarifying

Hi @LorisSiteR - Thanks so much for taking the time to leave such great feedback.


Social Media Links - If you are using the social follow block within the email editor, it should work the way you're hoping. The links for each social network will be remembered even if you're working on an email. This is for the block that looks like this in the Build pane: 2023-04-18 15_06_47-Constant Contact.png

If you are creating your own social media block by adding your own images and links, they won't be remembered if you create a brand new email later on, similar to what you're seeing with your company and FAQ links. There isn't currently a way to have a block saved that can be used between templates, however, I'd say a majority of our customers tend to copy a previous email rather than starting with a new email template for every send. This will take a previous email and make an exact copy, content and all, and you don't need to worry about adjusting colors, images, or standard links that don't change for each campaign. It's especially useful for those that use a consistent header and footer in their emails and only update the content in between. That might work well for you, but that said I know there are times when you may need to choose a new template (seasonal/holiday mailings, for example) where it would be nice to have a reusable section from another email you could add in.


Social Post Scheduling - This is great feedback, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I can see how this can be missed if you don't look all the way at the bottom of the pane. I was having problems recreating the Schedule For Later glitch on my end. Can I ask what browser you were using? I know you said it specifically happened on your laptop, so I'm wondering if it's just because I was using Chrome.


When you create a new social posts do you using start from the Social tab in your account? You may be interested in scheduling from calendar view. If you click on the Campaigns tab and click the Calendar View link, you can start by clicking on the day and time you want to post and it should automatically be scheduled for later at that time on the next step when you write the post. We'll still pass along this feedback and track it, but just wanted to throw the idea out there in case you find it easier.

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Thank you for taking the time to post in the Community. We haven't heard back from you so we are going to close this idea. We will leave it open for comments in case you are able to provide us with the requested information.

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