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The new design is mostly working well. But I really need a place to put lists that are no longer active, but still need to be maintained for reference. Our organization markets internally to our members. We have two main seasons, fall and spring. The membership shifts slightly each season, as some members take a break and others join or rejoin. I want the current season lists to be visible, but need to know which past seasons included a particular member. I want to be able to display, under "Email Lists," organizing folders as we can in the "Emails" module. That way I can have the most current, active lists visible and available; the other lists are archival and can be referred to without cluttering the interface. Thanks!

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As another way of organizing and/or consolidating old lists within Constant Contact (without deleting them completely), it would be helpful to have a feature that adds "subfolders" to the lists section, so that we can move older or outdated lists into inactive storage named "Old" or "Do Not Use" or "Inactive." We have over 300 lists, and it would be great to reduce that number significantly.

I agree. We need folders. I have various groups and sometimes I want to send to only mid west contacts or contacts abroad. I now have to scroll through 50 lists instead of going to a folder and then scrolling and then selecting through fewer lists. 


Less chance for mistake. 

Thanks! Please do this!

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My lists have lists. I suggest that you make folders so that I can put all of my non-profit lists in one folder, all of the accounting lists in another, all my sales lists in another - there are too many to keep track of and having folders to be able to put them into would be much better. Much like we can with our campaigns.
I thought it would be useful if you offered contact groups in a scaffold format. For instance, we have a group for alumni and individual groups for each alumni class (Class of 2001, 200, etc.). It takes a long time to go through each category to pick what I need. It would be faster if I could pick all alumni or just groups individually under the alumni if I'm just targeting a certain class year. The subheadings (particular class years) could be hidden under the main heading (alumni). Thanks for even considering!
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Does anyone know if there is a way to archive lists? We have many lists we don't use but we do not want to delete them.
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Hello @LindaS27,


At this time there is not a way to archive your lists. As an alternative you can either 'favorite' the lists you do use so they appear on the top, or rename the other lists to include a description in the name saying it's archived (ex. "(Archived) General Interest").


Were you hoping for something that archives/displays it separately outside of the Contacts page?

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Hello - it is really difficult to manage multiple email lists in the system because we can't create folders or 'nest' related email lists in packages to keep the main dashboard clean - can you create a folder or nesting option under titles/subject areas in the Contacts Tab?
Folders are needed to organize Segments. I just created 62 segments for the 62 counties in NY state. I would like to be able to move those Segments into a "County" folder. Because my next task is to create Segments for NY Assembly Districts (there are 150 of them) and NY Senate Districts (there are 63 of those) as well as US Congressional Districts in NY State (of which there are 27). Finding these Segments once they are created will require a lot of scrolling----if I can't put them into folders----and I am told by your Help Desk that this functionality does not yet exist. Please let me know when you have created this ability to organize the segments into folders. It should be done in such a way that existing Segments can be moved into folders (and NOT that it must be done when creating the segments----otherwise you are creating more work for those who have already created the Segments by having to go back and rework each Segment). Thanks! Michele
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Hello @JasonM19778,

Thank you for reaching out to us with this great idea! I will be opening this idea up to voting so others can vote and comment on this idea as well. Thanks for the feedback!

Hi - is this something that has been added in as a functionality? I don't want to delete these lists, but I do want to "hide" them from my everyday lists. Thanks. 

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