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The functionality of the CTA buttons seems to be pretty limited. You cannot overlay an image on to the button, such as an arrow, and you cannot increase the size of the button without adding more text. In my opinion the CTA buttons should have the same functionality as the 'Divider'. It would be great to have that kind of control of the height and width of the button.

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Hi everyone,

Because the main focus of this idea appears to be users wanting rounded edges we are going to close this idea as implemented. Our cross device templates do allow buttons with rounded edges through the button radius option in our editor toolbar.


In the meantime, please feel free to comment or vote on any of the other open ideas to let us know what you would like to see.

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Yes, please allow for button sizing.  It looks very tacky to have five different button sizes in a message.  I know you must have been trying to make this easy which for some is great, but others are very disappointed to no longer be able to change the sizes of the button based on the space, versus the size of the words inside.



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Voting should not be closed! There should definitely be an option for at least rounded corners and the user should be able to choose the corner radius.


I agree with this

Hi, as part of my design template, I would prefer the button option populate a rounded edge 'button' not square. Thank you!
Brand Visionary

I still don't know why even simple concepts which numerous people are expressing are not being addressed.  If you need a simplified version for some people fine but why do you not allow those of us with some design capabilities to design. Not being allowed to change the size of a button or outline it with another color -- come on -- these are simple items. What if I want a border around my entire email or want a line between two sections - yea - I figured out a work around but really!  The old system was fantastic.  This is not being able to get used to the new system it is not liking the inflexible design capabilities of the new system.


Please, please, please bring back at least some of the old features!

Brand Visionary

Button size changes not linked to what you write inside. (Small, Medium, Large, Full width)

Borders on the buttons.

Rounded corners on buttons.

Vertical lines between boxes (without having to use a work around).

Control over which boxes gets read in order between email (computer) view to pad or phone view.

Better border controls around the entire email or individuals areas.

Editing box pop-ups further away from copy so that you can see what you are working on.


... and these are just a few off the top of my head without taking hardly any time to think about it.


Constant Contact. Congrats on your new look! Glad to see that you're promoting your services with rounded buttons in your own email. 

Now that you see you like the feature yourself can you make it available for the rest of us? 


Everyone wants rounded corners. Stop this voting nonsense. 



Marketing Legend

Agree 100% with @louisiana_oil_and_gas association.


I didn't even know this poll was open. I don't have a lot of time to spend in this forum. I would have definitely voted for it.

Thanks @SarahST 


I was prompted to look for rounded corners in the help & support forum (AGAIN) because I got this nice marketing email from Constant Contact!


And guess what, it's full of rounded corner buttons. So even Constant Contact wants them. 


You can view it online here: 

Also agree with previous comments.


We need rounded buttons! The limited design functions in Constant Contact are making our emails look  old and dated compared to competitors. If the options are not updated soon, we will need to say goodbye to Constant contact.

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