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Not including placeholder text block for Import PDF to email

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I love this feature however I see NO need for the blurb at the bottom  giving marketing advice that is a default when importing a document to send out. I almost sent my document WITH this blurb at the bottom without realizing it. Please consider removing this text as it would be extremely embarrassing if a flyer or notice were sent out (I can't be the only one) with this blurb at the bottom with no relation to anything on what you are sending. 

This is the blurb I am referring to

It's a fact: people don't mind scrolling to read an email, as long as it's relevant and interesting. Make sure your message follows through on the promise in your subject line, and use several short paragraphs if you have a lot to say. When in doubt, challenge yourself to write less and add links that support your topic.


How embarrassing if someone didn't notice this at the bottom of their imported PDF and sent it out.

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How about making this a popup not an actual block that's there by default


Thanks for sharing this feedback with us! We have tracked this feedback with the appropriate teams and opened up this idea so other users can weigh in as well. While we do not have a current time estimate of when this placeholder text block will no longer be included, we recommend deleting the text block until then.

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I recently sent out an imported flyer through CC. I was in a hurry and for the first time forgot to delete the very unneccessary blurb at the bottom talking about how to engage those you email. This was humiliating to say the least as it was sent out with that blurb. PLEASE consider not automatically including this on imported PDFS, it is hard to always remember to delete it and should NOT be on the template.

Status changed to: Acknowledged
Campaign Contributor
I was in a hurry to get something out today and my reminder created from a PDF had this disclaimer about how to get people to open your emails on it when it went out! Over 2000 people say this- talk about embarassing . PLEASE consider removing this or placing a popup reminding people creating an email from a PDF to remove that disclaimer at the bottom before sending out!!
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