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Ongoing difficulties with editor

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I'm a long-time and frequent user of Constant Contact. Overall I love the platform! However, I have feedback regarding the e-mail customizer/editor. Following are frustrating problems I've had with the editor for years:
-When trying to adjust spacing between the paragraphs/blocks of text, the delete and/or backspace keys cause strange jumps in spacing, changes in formatting, and/or simply will not delete the extra spaces. Often times, after I've removed excess spacing, when I click Save on the block, the extra spacing will just reappear. I usually have to edit & save the block several times over to get the desired spacing. Or, when trying to remove a space, the backspace/delete will do nothing after pressing it several times until eventually it will add spaces instead of delete them. Other times, as I backspace to remove space, the format of the text that moves up will inexplicably change.
-Trying to change the format of one paragraph will often effect other paragraphs within the block (i.e. when one paragraph is fully highlighted or the cursor is simply placed within a paragraph, and I try to center justify it, or put the text in italics, etc., other existing paragraphs within that block will automatically change to match whatever change I made in the graph I meant to adjust).
-The new photo/image editor is slow, difficult to use, and often doesn't work properly. I notice this mainly when I try to crop an image. First of all, it will not crop unless I click "Save" and exit out of the image editor entirely. Secondly, often the images aspect ratio will warp to fit the crop. I must save, exit, re-open, and finagle with it a bit more to get it to crop properly. Or, just delete the image, re-upload, and try again.
-I am disappointed that I can no longer re-size an image within a block unless I click change in the settings box of the image. In the past, I could drag the corners to resize the image within the block, which was much easier because I could see how it looked rather than having to guess the pixel size I want and then re-opening the settings box every time I need to adjust.
-Not urgent but very annoying: when I his the "end" key (next to the delete key on my keyboard) the document I'm working on will scroll all the way to the bottom. Shouldn't it just take me to the end of the text within the box I'm editing?
-When I copy text within a block and place it elsewhere within the same block, the formatting will not hold. Instead, it seems to take on the formatting of the nearest paragraph. It would be nice if the formatting as well as the text could be copied & pasted together.
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Hey @JohnG661, thanks for your detailed feedback! Regarding the issues you're seeing with the extra spaces and difficulties deleting content within a block, we often see this when copy and pasting from outside sources. When these type of issues happen, it's typically due to code that was brought into the block and our editor isn't able to get rid of it. We've rebuilt our editor with the "Third Generation Editor" and added some behind the scene tools to prevent this from happening, however, when using "Legacy Newsletter Templates", it's often best to start with a fresh new block when you start to see this. 


You can also toggle the option to paste with and without styles by clicking on "options" in the edit menu while editing a specific block. This should allow you to either retain the styles or paste without those styles. This should hopefully fix that issue you have been seeing. 


In regards to hitting the end key on the keyboard, it's actually the browser's setting to navigate to the end of the page. We unfortunately wouldn't have control over the functionality of this keyboard key and the browser's interpretation of it. Instead, the "page down" button may be more helpful in this case. 


As for the image editor, we are actively working on resolving the issue of the cropping feature warping the aspect ratio of the image. I did see you had posted in that thread as well and as soon as I have an update on that issue, I'll be replying to that thread. 

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