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When importing a list from a file, I see that 6 contacts did not import because they were unsubscribed. How do I know which ones they are?

In the past with your list management, it was great - I could add a list of email addresses and your system would show a list of errors - invalid email addresses, and then a list of those who I was trying to add, but had previously unsubscribed. I would use that list of previously unsubscribed contacts to send them other marketing via USPS or other methods - now, I cannot view the list of names that had previously unsubscribed - i can only see the number of names that were not added in the new upload. This doesn't help me with my entire marketing plan... Please bring back the ability to view unsubscribed contacts for a particular list upload so that I don't have to cross reference many lists just to see who received the information via email, and who didn't! Thank you ~Kim~
I just uploaded a list of contacts from a file, and would like to get the list of contacts that were not imported because they've opted out. You used to provide that, and it was very helpful. I don't want the list of everyone who has ever opted out from the beginning of time; just the ones still on my import list, so I can fix it. Sigh.
The Activity page says there were 13 errors in my upload, but I cannot seem to find where I can see those and try to fix them.
How do I find out which 2 are unsubscribe so I can report to sender on who is not receiving the email
It takes me waaaaaaaaay longer to perform simple tasks than it did before. (1) When I upload a new list from our website, it's impossible to easily find out who can't be uploaded. (2) It takes too many steps to add a name to a list. And (3) WORST OF ALL it is way too easy to delete lists and there is totally inadequate warning when you are deleting a list (I thought I was deleting one mis-named list with no addresses in it but I deleted 100 lists instead with no way to get them back). I'm totally disgusted with Constant Contact right now and I've always been a big supporter. Frankly, I feel betrayed. I will never EVER recommend you to anyone again, and I'm sorry that I ever did.
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Hello. In the old contact management system, we could see where the errors were with a mailing list upload. Now, on the activity screen, none of that information is available. Likewise, when you go to the list, none of it is available there. It is my understanding that these "activity page email errors" will not appear in the Sent email details, because they are quarantined before ever being added to the mailing list. How are we supposed to keep our lists clean and remove the unsubscribes from list uploads if you don't tell us what the quarantined email addresses are? Please add back the capability to see those addresses - so we don't attempt to spam anybody (as we promise with your agreement).
It would be really helpful if you all went BACK to listing who has opted out when uploading a large leads list.... It makes NO sense to have my sales team waste time on people who are NOT interested in our product... This is my second request and I know many more people have asked the same thing... so when are you all going to bring that feature back?!!?
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It seems that with the new interface we can't see when the contacts were unsubscribed. We can group and see unsubscribed contacts by the date the contacts were added, but not by the date/compaign they unsubsribed at/from.
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When a contact is not added, please display who was not added.
It looks like you removed the ability to see people who are "Opt Outs" from a recently uploaded list. This is a feature I would really, really like back. Dowloading them in EXCEL would be nice too
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