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See who is Unsubscribed

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When importing a list from a file, I see that 6 contacts did not import because they were unsubscribed. How do I know which ones they are?

When I add contacts from a list, some of them cannot be added because they had previously unsubscribed. I want to see who they are, but the new UI has deleted that functionality. It is not an improvement when you redesign a UI and get rid of features! Please put that feature back in. (Yes, I know there is a workaround, but it is time-consuming.)
Campaign Contributor
It used to be that we could see the names of contacts that could not be added and that were successful in being added right away. Now, we have to go back to the list and it takes an additional 4 screens to find out those results and really we only find the names of those that we were able to add. It seems strange that we have less flexibility after an update of the system. I used this feature often and miss the ability to see the specific names that were able to be added or not and why. Just a FYI for future development.
The activity report says 4 contacts could not be added because they were "unsubscribed". However, there is nothing I can find which tells me who they are. Can I get a report of these four, or must I review the entire unsubscribed list? I believe these individuals may have changed their minds about unsubscribing.
Why is the Activity Report limited to a single page of data. We are using a DonorPerfect Online to CC Nightly Sync of Dynamic lists and I can only see back to Jul 26, 2014 6:38am EDT activity, with NO option to click for prior pages. Also after the changes to this new format, the Errors reported on the Activity page are almost worthless since they no longer provide the emails or other data that are causing the Error.
Campaign Contributor
You used to be able to click on your Activity report (when adding contacts) and see how many were not added. When you clicked on the number, it would show you who couldn't be added and why. This feature has been taken away in the new contact management tool. Why? Now I will have to individually compare lists from Constant Contact and my Excel.... not a great use of time. We are sending an email invitation, so I need to know who doesn't receive it, so we can send snail mail - thus why it is important to me.

We used to be able to look at the email list of any particular email we sent and view the contacts that have opted out or were removed from the distribution list. now we can only see the removed people in total, not by individual email list. We would like to see this feature as an option again. This allows us to reach out to individuals and update contact information as necessary. **Removed By Moderator**

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I just uploaded a list and I can not see who has previously opted out. This is so important to my business that I am able to know who opted out.
When uploading new names to a list it would be helpful to see the names of those people not added because they have previously unsubscribed. In some cases they accidentally unsubscribe so this could help in reactivation efforts.

Would really like to have this feature back so we can see specific people for the import we are processing. Having it on one master "unsubscribe"  list provides absolutely no value when you are searching to see which emails did not go through on a specific import. 

Marketing Legend
IN the old contact mgmt layout when you uploaded new email lists you were able to see those emails that couldn't be added - I would then email each one individually with directions on how they could opt back. With your new layout there is no way to see those emails that couldn't be added. PLEASE FIX!!!
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