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When importing a list from a file, I see that 6 contacts did not import because they were unsubscribed. How do I know which ones they are?

When I add a new list, it tells me that 21 of the contacts are unsubscribed, but I don't know how to view the list of those 21 contacts by themselves. So I have to go through my entire unsubscribed list and compare it to my database to update my database. Is there an easier way?
I just uploaded a list of about 800 emails, 8 new, 773 updated. After the upload was complete a little red box with the number 34 was on the activity page. When I clicked on it the message was 34 emails were unsubscribed. I would like to be able to see that list of 34 emails, in order to up date my in-house database.
Suggestion ... Please make the unsubscribes per new uploaded contact list available for export. That way we can remove them from our main database. Thank you.
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When we upload a file of email contacts your activity report shows that XXX have not be added as they are unsubscribed. We need to have access to that list to clean up our records on our side so we are not pushing unsub'ed addresses but you do not offer that capability! Since we know you are running the list up against your unsub list and you can report the exact number that you will not add to our list due to that we should be able to access that unsub list!
How can I found out who unsubscribed from the list I just imported?
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We try REALLY hard to keep our lists up to date, but still get red numbers about "... x many unsubscribed and couldn't be added." If you don't tell us WHO unsubscribed, we can't fix it!
There should be a button that lets us know the emails that cannot be imported, because those email addresses have unsubscribed.
When someone unsubscribes but then decides later that they want our newsletter and I add them but then I can't and it doesn't show me what addresses had this issue I have no way to inform my client that they must add themselves back on our webpage to begin receiving our newsletter again since the email address isn't showing up.
When uploading a list, it would be helpful to get a report on the contacts that were not added due to being unsubscribed.
Please return the ability to tell which contacts cannot be added because they previously unsubscribed. This was a very helpful feature. Having to export 10k+ unsubs and compare to every list is not fun or user friendly.
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