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Show which contacts were updated during file import

When you load new contacts, it lets you know how many of those were updated. If it knows this, it should be able to show you who specifically was updated with the new upload.

After uploading my new contacts, CC will say "Import complete" and will sometimes tell me that some were ADDED and some were UPDATED, but I can't figure out which contacts were UPDATED! I need to know this! Please make this info obvious to find. That would be most appreciated! Thank you!
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When uploading contacts I get a message of how many contacts were uploaded and how many were updated. I'm interested to know which contacts were updated. Could you add a feature, if one clicks on the "Updated Contacts" section, a pop-up would appear telling me the names or emails of the people. This will save me time going through and searching which contacts had previously been added. It'll save me time, especially when I have to comb through a list of 15 contacts. I send updated contacts a different message encouraging them to call us right away vs. a general welcome message. Does that make sense? Thank you.

Hi! It would be super-helpful to display the list the contacts that were uploaded went to, so that we know which list has issues with contacts (unsubs, etc.). Thanks!
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Just for perspective, in Mailchimp, we were always able to review the entire upload to a mailing list and review carefully those that were unsubscribed, those that existed that were updated, hard bounces, soft bounces, etc. Coming from MC, it's VERY annoying to not have this information and to have contacts so difficult to manage!  I hope this feature is coming soon - this thread started in 2013. 

When uploading a list of contacts to Constant Contact, a report is automatically created with various exceptions.  Entities with "No Permissions Set" should be included on the exception report.  Then I can be proactive to "fix" them as appropriate instead of "reacting" when I am contacted and asked why someone was not invited to an event.  Many times it is due to "No Permissions Set."  My uploaded lists are too large to verify one-by-one that each record was uploaded. Thank you. 


When Import of contacts is complete, there will be a message such as: "
There were 27 contacts added. 2 contacts were updated." I don't see any way to see WHICH were updated. Want to make sure it wasn't someone with the same name overwriting a previous subscriber, for instance. Need to see which were updated and in what way. Thanks.


Hi @LynnM902 thanks for reaching out with the feedback on your contacts! I would however like to clarify that all contacts are recognized and updated based on their email address. Meaning anyone with the same name will not overwrite any other subscriber. Only the information included in your upload is what will be updated. I also wold like to mention exporting your list will allow you to see which contacts were updated.




The date and time your contact was last updated is one of the fields you can include in your export.

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Called support and found that this was internal export for audit purposes. It would be helpful if that were indicated on the activity screen. We thought our account was hacked!
Which list was impacted by these changes? Cannot tell. Would be very helpful to see the list name.
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