Your new social share system is HORRIBLE! it wastes time and still have to call every week to use!

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You had a good system for social share.  What idiot can't see that the new one is time-wasting and not at all intuitive, and I am not the only one who now has to waste time calling you every week to make it work and be told by your staff how easy and how much better it is.  It is awful in many more ways but I don't have time to babysit your tech geniuses.  You had something good.  Got  back to it before you lose customers.  BTW, I'll be calling you and bothering another CSR tomorrow -- and next week, etc.  It takes less time than trying to figure out your new system!!


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Hi @PhyllisD750 we're sorry to hear you feel this way! What about our updated Social Share feature does not fit your needs?

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