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so yes i do have feedback. I made an account to learn about webinars but my company already has an account. You guys have called me like 5 times a day since I setup the account even after I asked you not to. It is borderline harrassment. I asked a chat agent to cancel my account or help me remove my phone number and he told me that it would expire in 60 days and i could call a service line (which surely will be some sort of voicemail) and that he couldn't help me then ended the chat before I could even respond. If you guys are willing to spend so much time calling me (I'm not a phone person and may have been interested before I was harassed) but won't help me through chat or in any way if it's to get my information removed I'm very disappointed. I will be taking over for my company's marketing in the near future and will remember these interactions/as well as have my call logs and chats saved. If you're able to please cancel the account under and the phone number 3045880491 removed from your services as well. If you can do that I will call it even/we can start fresh, but as it is I am not very pleased.
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Hi @carriep832 thank you for sharing this feedback with us! This is definitely not the experience we want users to have. I have submitted your feedback on this agent to the appropriate teams on your behalf. I have also updated the contact preferences on file stop these calls as well as scheduled your trial account to end before this 60 day period is finished.

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