Marketing automation is a fancy term for using software to make your marketing and sales efforts more efficient. It helps businesses generate more leads, turn those leads into sales, and get the most out of their investments. The key to successful marketing automation is understanding your customers and creating personalized campaigns just for them.


What is email marketing automation?


Email marketing automation is a popular form of automation that sends customized and personalized emails to subscribers, taking into account their behavior, interests, and preferences. This automation takes care of important email campaigns like welcome emails, follow-ups, and even those emails that remind customers about their abandoned carts.

Why should I use automation?

Marketing automation is all about customization. You can automatically search for potential leads, analyze their behaviors, and create targeted campaigns that meet their needs. This way, you can capture those conversions and grow your business. With marketing automation tools, you have the power to divide your audience into different groups and send personalized messages to each one. This personalized approach helps you build stronger connections with your audience and generate leads that are more likely to convert. It is important to take the time to analyze customer behaviors and personalize your messaging.

Guelph-Beer-Bus-Wellington-8 (1).jpgThe team at Wellington Brewery stepped up their email game by using automated emails. This means they don't have to manually reach out to every customer anymore because they have different types of automated emails for different purposes. For example, the welcome series is all about making new subscribers feel special and letting them know what to expect. They even give out coupon codes in their automated emails for their non-alcoholic product line, which gets people excited and leads to more sales.

And their abandoned cart emails are a game-changer. They help bring back customers who left items in their cart without buying them. Brad, the Marketing Director at Wellington Brewery, said, "We've noticed that our abandoned cart emails are really effective in getting people to come back and make a purchase. If someone hasn't bought anything in a while, we send them a discount code, and it's been amazing for boosting our online sales."

By incorporating automation, Wellington Brewery successfully increased their engagement and sales. Their abandoned cart automation, in particular, has helped them to achieve an additional $36,000 in orders.

“We’ve seen an increase in conversions based around the automation for following up with customers on their carts,” said Brad. “So if we haven’t seen a purchase in a few weeks, sending them a discount code … [has] been really helpful in terms of driving eCommerce sales.”

How do I set up my first automation?

When you are setting up automations in Constant Contact, you have options! For starters, you can use a pre-made template or create your own path.



It's important to consider what your goals are with your automation campaign. We offer multiple pre-made templates you can choose from. Here are some possible automation campaigns to consider:


  • Create a Welcome series to introduce new contacts to your brand and business/organization and what they can expect from your communications in the future.
  • Create Anniversary or Birthday series that wish them well and include an offer reflecting their continued engagement with your organization.
  • Create an order confirmation email or an automated reminder if someone is shopping in your online store and left things in their cart. Plus, follow up with customers after a purchase to get feedback on their order and request a review.


These are just a few options that we provide pre-made paths for you. You will know your audience best, so think of creative ways you can use automation to engage with them.


Have you used our automation tools already? We would love to know how you've been using it. Leave a comment and share what success you've seen from implementing automation in your marketing!

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